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Everything you need to conduct a high-quality survey

Sampling, targeting, questionnaire customization...
Online consumer panels

We work in partnership with the best online consumer panels to provide you with the same quality results as the best research institutes

Representative sample

We take care of targeting a representative sample of your target. The representativeness of the sample is ensured through quotas during fieldwork and data weighting at the end of the fieldwork

International surveys

We have partner panels in many countries. Contact us for your international projects

Multilingual surveys

Simplify the implementation of your international or multilingual surveys with our automated translation import-export tool

Questionnaire templates

Use one of the questionnaire templates validated by our experts. Customize your brand name, category and image items to be evaluated

Custom questionnaire

Write your own questionnaire using our online editor and choose between many open and closed-ended question types

Demographic targeting

Our standard offer includes demographic targeting by age, gender, occupation (in 3 categories) and region

Specific target

Interview a narrower target group defined according to your specific behavioral or demographic criteria

Simple filters

Display some questions based on the answers to a previous question

Advanced filters

Combine answers to different questions in complex conditional filters

Terminate or short interviews

Redirect respondents to the end of the questionnaire without excluding them from your sample. The terminate feature allows you to hide a part of the questionnaire from your secondary target. Ideal for all your sizing issues.


Allow respondents to select points of interest on an image. Visualize these points on a heatmap. This type of question is particularly suitable for packaging tests or creative advertising diagnoses.

Randomisation of blocks of questions

Display blocks of questions in a random order. This allows testing of different materials without inducing an order effect


Insert the answer given to a previous question into the question label


Assign a score to your different questions/answer items

White label questionnaire

Replace the poll&roll logo with your own logo in your questionnaires

Advanced questionnaire customisation

Customize the design of your questionnaire entirely


Protect your ideas and concepts with watermarks. This feature allows you to apply a unique ID to the visuals used in your survey to protect their distribution.

Duplicate and filter a list of items in one click

Retrieve in one click the item list of a previous question and filter each item automatically based on the answers given to the initial question. Set up your brand funnels in a few clicks without the risk of error.

A simple dashboard to manage your fieldwork with peace of mind

For those who want to get their hands dirty
Quota set up

Set up your quotas easily and autonomously before launching your survey

Data weighting

Program your weighting objectives directly on the platform. A weighting is launched automatically at the end of the fieldwork

Weighting efficiency

Access the weighting efficiency report of your survey and be reassured about the quality of the sample interviewed

Owner panel survey

Use your own respondent base either via a customer file or your own consumer panel

An intuitive and powerful analysis dashboard

Visualize, cross, export
Interactive dataviz

Visualize your results in real time and conduct your analysis easily. Display your data in graphs or tables

Access to individual data

Download your individual data in CSV or Excel format, and access all the responses and verbatim data from your survey

Creation of subtotals

Group the results of several items in a few clicks

Results export

Export your tables, crosstabs, individual data, in Excel format and your charts in PNG or Powerpoint format. It allows you to analyze your results outside the platform

Sub-target analysis

Filter the results of your survey on any sub-target you want: age, region, awareness, purchase intention...

Import of existing data

Use our analysis dashboard on your own data by importing them into our platform (SSS file)

Integrated crosstabs tool

Cross two questions to refine your analysis. Our crosstab tool includes significance testing

Advanced integrated crosstabs tool

Cross the entire questionnaire by a question to create Excel crosstabs or PowerPoint cross-reports. Our crosstab tool includes significance testing

Raw bases

Display your results on raw bases directly on the platform. The exported data and the significance testing will be automatically performed on the raw bases

Total bases

Visualize your results on a total sample basis in one click. No need to recalculate your filtered questions by hand

PowerPoint report

Export all the results of your survey in a native PowerPoint report. Exported slides and charts are fully editable. Generate filtered or cross-targeted reports on your priority sub-targets

White label PowerPoint report

The PowerPoint report can be customised to your graphic charter: logo, font, colour scheme, etc.

Fully customised automatic report

Define the visual identity, the type of charts and the way in which you wish to arrange the various indicators of your survey. Our team will develop an automated PowerPoint report for you, 100% customised to your needs.

Automated survey comparison tool

The results of several similar surveys can be compared in one click in Excel and PowerPoint format. Ideal for your trackings, multi-country surveys, concept tests in monadic design

Access to the surveys verbatim

Access all the answers to the open-ended questions directly online. The verbatim can be exported in Excel format or as a word cloud

Semi-automated coding of open-ended questions

Using natural language processing (NLP) and AI techniques, the platform automatically pre-codes the answers to your short answer open-ended questions such as awareness

Second user

Share access to the results of your survey with a colleague or client

Unlimited users

Share unlimited access to the results of your survey with your colleagues and/or clients

Variables import

Build new variables based on your survey data with our variable import tool.

A team of experts to support you

Because writing a questionnaire is also a job
With you from A to Z

Our poll&roll experts are at your side to assist you from the construction of your questionnaire to the analysis of your results


Contact the poll&roll team in real time if you have any questions about using our platform

Review of your questionnaire

Our experts review your questionnaire before the launch and suggest optimisations to ensure the quality of your survey

Additional services and full service surveys

Not enough time to dedicate to your survey? Need more support? Opt for a full service survey. Our experts will draft your questionnaire according to your survey objectives and will deliver an analysis report with their actionable recommendations

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