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Conducting market research has never been this easy

  • Sample questionnaires

    Adapt one of our sample questionnaires and be sure to ask the right questions
  • Question examples

    Take inspiration from our standard formulations to design your questionnaire
  • Easy to analyze

    View the first results in real time. Filter, build crosstabs, export : as you wish!

Our team of experts advises you in the set up of your research

  • Guidance

    Our experts review your questionnaire and recommend optimizations to ensure the quality of your research
  • Representative samples

    The representativeness of our samples is ensured at each stage of the collection and data processing through quotas and a data weighting

poll&roll is fully automated to deliver fast, well and affordable

  • Speed

    View the first results in real time, final results are available after a few days
  • Automation

    Repetitive tasks are automated, our experts focus on consulting
  • Cost efficient

    Our service is fully automated to guarantee reliable surveys from 230 € VATE

Your market research

Conduct top quality market research in just 3 steps thanks to our fully automated plateform

How it works

1. Set up your survey

Use one of the questionnaire templates validated by our experts, or write your own questionnaire yourself. Choose your target audience and the number of individuals to be interviewed.

2. We interview consumers

We target consumers through an online panel and ask them to answer your survey.

3. View the results in real time

Final results are available after a few days.

It's very easy.

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Prices adapted to your needs

Select the plan that suits you, and pay only for what you need.


From 1,38 € / respondent

  • Demographic targeting
  • Standard questionnaire
  • Results in our online dashboard
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From 1,83 € / respondent

  • Demographic / behavioural targeting
  • Custom questionnaire and expert review
  • Excel & PowerPoint exports
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Pro +

From 2,20 € / respondent

  • Advanced filters and block randomization
  • Multi-language / country projects
  • White label excel & powerpoint exports
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Our customers testify

Find out how our customers are driving their brand with agility using poll&roll.

Discover how Comme J'aime has set up an agile brand barometer to track the evolution of its brand awareness and image.

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