How it works

Our platform is fully automated to deliver quality insights fast, at competitive prices.

Your research in 3 steps

1. Set up your survey

Use one of the questionnaire templates validated by our experts, or write your own questionnaire yourself using our online editor and choose between many open and closed question kinds.
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Select your target from our predefined targets. Your target is not one of them? Contact us
Choose the number of people to be interviewed according to your expectations and your budget.
We review your questionnaire (depending on the plan chosen) and suggest optimizations in the formulation or articulation of the questionnaire, if necessary. Be sure to use a quality questionnaire and obtain reliable results.

2. We target consumers

We invite consumers to answer your research. To do this, we work in partnership with the best online consumer panels. These panels pre-recruited consumer communities to participate in market research.
Reach a representative sample. The quality of our samples is ensured at each stage through quotas on gender, age, socio-professional category and region during collection and statistical adjustment during data processing.

3. Analyze your results

Access the results as charts and tables that can be exported to Excel and Powerpoint. Analyze your data in depth by filtering and crossing the results with our analysis tool.

Download the individual data of the research.

Retrieve each individual's responses as well as identifying demographic data (gender, age, socio-professional category, region) and answer context (date, time, device used).

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