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More agile surveys thanks to automation

Our secret recipe

Conducting a survey in a traditional market research company involves numerous re-entry and verification steps with low added value. poll&roll automates all these steps in an intuitive and powerful platform, to focus on expertise.

<span class="translation_missing" title="translation missing:">Survey Flow Traditional</span>
<span class="translation_missing" title="translation missing:">Survey Flow Pollandroll</span>

An automated platform from A to Z

So that you can focus on what really matters

A simple yet comprehensive questionnaire editor

Use one of the questionnaire templates validated by our experts or write your own using our online editor and choose from our many types of closed and open-ended questions.

Filter your questions and/or customize them with images.

Adapt the questionnaire to your graphic charter by integrating your logo or by fully customizing its design.

An intuitive and powerful analysis dashboard

Access results sin graphs and tables that can be exported to Excel and Powerpoint. Analyze your data in depth by filtering or cross-referencing the results with our integrated online cross-tab.

Download individual data of the survey. Retrieve each individual's responses as well as identifying information and response context (date, time, device used).

Easily code your open-ended short answer questions with our semi-automated coding tool. All verbatim are available in the individual data.

Automated data-collection management

Interview a consumer panel or use your own respondent base via a customer file or proprietary panel.

We work in partnership with the best online consumer panels.
The representativeness of our samples is ensured at each stage of the collection and processing of results through quotas and data weighting.

The fieldwork automatically closes when the last interview is collected and launches a data weighting based on quota or other objectives that you will have entered. The final, weighted data is available within minutes.

They trust us

We help our clients develop their products, build their brands, manage their communication campaigns and measure their consumers' satisfaction.

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