First steps with poll&roll

Our tutorials to make the most of your survey's insights

Create a survey using a template

How to create a survey easily?

Follow these step-by-step instructions to easily create a poll&roll survey using one of our templates.

Edit a questionnaire in Starter plan

How can I make sure I don't forget anything in my questionnaire?

Let’s see the different information to not forget when editing a questionnaire in Starter plan.

Create a custom survey

You already wrote your questionnaire and wish to integrate it on the platform.

An overview of the features available to create and edit a custom questionnaire easily.

Edit the survey scope

Once your questionnaire is ready it is time to design my survey. Let’s see how to :

  • Define the answers collecting method
  • Choose the target group to be interviewed
  • Select the number of responses
  • Choose the method for analyzing the results

Analyze my poll&roll survey results

How to analyze my results with poll&roll?

Overview of the main features of the poll&roll dashboard to make the most of the insights gathered in my survey.

Let’s learn how to:

  • visualize the results in graphs and tables
  • format of results: e.g., changing graph type, ranking the results
  • export the results in Excel tables and PowerPoint reports

Create subtotals

How to create a subtotal in a poll&roll survey?

Let’s learn how to create and display subtotals for different types of questions

Filter my results on sub targets

How to filter my poll&roll survey results on sub targets?

Let’s learn how to use instant filters: how to apply them, combine them, set them up...

Use the poll&roll crosstab tool

How to cross-reference the results of my poll&roll survey?

Let’s see how to:

  • Analyze my data in depth by cross-referencing the results for two given questions or for the entire questionnaire with the integrated online cross-tab.
  • Export crosstabs in Excel format

Share access to my poll&roll survey

How can I share my poll&roll survey results?

Compare the results of several surveys

You set up several similar surveys (awareness barometers, A/B testing, multi-country projects etc.) and I would like to compare the results of these different surveys?

Overview of our automated comparison tool.

Display survey results on total sample

When writing a questionnaire, some questions may be filtered according to the answers to previous questions. In this case, it is interesting to be able to display the results on the whole sample.

Let’s see how to display the results on total sample.

Import a new variable (French only)

Set up quota objectives

How to set up quotas for my poll&roll survey?

Let’s take a look at the quota interface and learn how to set them up or update them.

Manage the survey weighting

How to set up weighting objectives?

Let’s have a look at our weighting dashboard and learn how to:

  • Set-up the weighting objectives
  • Launch weighting
  • Access weighting efficiency report