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Little time to spend on your survey? Need more guidance? We offer a wide range of services for the conduction of a turnkey survey.
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Questionnaire, reporting, analysis: entrust us with all or part of the research

It's up to you!

Questionnaire design and entry

Entrust us with the design of your questionnaire and make sure you get relevant answers to your business issues.

Our experts will write a tailor-made questionnaire to answer your specific problems.

Whether we have designed the questionnaire or not, leave it to us to enter your questionnaire in order to save you time on the launch of your survey.

Reporting & analysis of your results

Our experts are at your service to support you to help you explore, take ownership and communicate your results.

At the end of the research, we will deliver a synthetic and actionable analysis report in Powerpoint format, including key findings and our action recommendations.

Organize a presentation of the results on your premises for an interactive communication of the research results and promote the ownership of the findings by your team.

Coding of open-ended questions

The manual coding of verbatim is offered as an option in order to allow you to quantify the answers obtained to your open-ended questions according to the themes or ideas that emerge repeatedly.

The answers after coding will then be integrated to the platform ain order to be able to cross them with the other results.

Client-sample and private panels

Need to interview your own customers or prospects?
Do you have you own panel?

poll&roll enables you to access all its features with your own sample files.

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We help our clients develop their products, build their brands, manage their communication campaigns and measure their consumers' satisfaction.

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